Our Solution

Combining Big Data and the world’s leading AI technology with proven project delivery processes and leadership.

CRE Optimization System: Analyze, Optimize, Realize

Trajectory’s proprietary CRE Optimization System drives exponential value across the entire CRE development cycle; from targeting, modeling and winning outlier deals to driving capital efficiencies throughout development, management and divestment of each property.

Our Solution: Commercial Real Estate Optimization System

CREOS Technology EcosystemCREOS Technology Ecosystem

Powering CREOS is a next generation technology ecosystem that can rapidly model investment strategies in the context of real-world variables to uncover outlier opportunities no one else can see.

At the core is the world’s most advanced AI platform that enables Trajectory’s proprietary decision models to consume vast amounts of data, accelerating better decisions at all points of the CRE investment and development process.

CREOS Technology Ecosystem

CREOS Process & ExecutionCREOS Process & Execution

CREOS includes an execution optimization methodology that not only proactively mitigates risk and uncertainty in every deal, but also increases production efficiencies and accelerates CRE delivery timelines by at least 20%.

Derived from the Theory of Constraints / ViewPoint project management methodology already proven successful in global-scale capital projects, CREOS applies a scientific approach to not only optimize each delivery element in isolation, but also as part of the system as a whole.

CREOS Process & Execution

CREOS Leadership & ExpertiseCREOS Leadership & Expertise

Our leadership team is comprised of capital projects specialists that have delivered market-beating returns, at scale, in the most difficult and complex development environments in the world.

We are now bringing the same experience, expertise, and disruptive results to our commercial real estate investment partners.

CREOS Leadership & Expertise

CREOS vertically integrates disruptive solutions into the entire CRE business model

Accelerate end-to-end value generation by at least 20%.

MODEL: Model and refine investment strategies to identify unseen, outlier investment opportunities
TARGET: Optimize and enable the deal makers with the next generation of due diligence
ACQUIRE: Win a greater percentage of deals at a better price and faster pace
DEVELOP: Deliver project with improved productivity and accelerated timelines
MANAGE: Leverage data driven benchmarking to optimize ROI
DIVEST: Realize increased ROI and re-invest capital quicker

CREOS vertical integration

The benefits of CREOS for investors

Future-forward CRE investors are hungry for the advantages and increased profits that other industries are experiencing thanks to a rapid adoption of data-driven business intelligence solutions. 

By partnering with Trajectory, investors gain:

Access to the world’s leading AI platform
We model your investment strategy using Trajectory’s proprietary knowledge platform to accelerate better decisions at all points of the CRE investment and development process.

Accelerated project delivery
Proven to drive efficiencies and ROI at scale every step of the process.

Risk-mitigated outlier deal opportunities
Our iterative collaboration and rapid decision-making solution enables investors to identify and secure investment opportunities no one else can see.

Proven capital project expertise
Applying world class programs, execution methodologies and next generation technologies.

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