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A team of capital project specialists that have delivered market beating returns, at scale, in the most difficult and complex development environments in the world.

A team born out of a crisis

The devastating Deepwater Horizon oil spill of 2010 brought Clint Wood, Mark Woeppel and Trip Bellard together. Clint was in charge of critical resources for the massive response operation, and he worked closely with Mark and Trip on developing the technology and infrastructure required to decontaminate and decommission the 15,000 vessels used for the clean-up – the largest fleet of vessels ever assembled. Together, they successfully delivered the project eight months early and $1.4 billion under budget.

Extracting value from disruption for CRE

The insights and experience gained from cleaning up the biggest oil spill in history, combined with Clint, Mark and Trip’s individual track records in driving unprecedented ROI for complex capital development projects, led the Trajectory team to a revelation:

What if we were to leverage the same proven application of technology, execution optimization methodology, and expert leadership to disrupt the Commercial Real Estate industry?

Capital Projects Expertise

Our team of capital projects experts have dramatically improved capital efficiency time and time again, unlocking billions in value across dozens of similarly complicated global industries.

40,000 people in six weeks


Critical roles in building the fastest growing organization in history – 40,000 people in 6 weeks


Unlocked billions in capital projects / assets value for some of the world’s largest companies

Crisis management solution


Built world’s most effective crisis management solution

1.4B under budget


Decommissioned largest fleet of vessels in history and delivered project $1.4B under budget

The Trajectory Team

Clint Wood, CEO

As Chief Executive Officer of Trajectory Development Partners, Clint breaks through the status quo with his ability to lead innovative solutions; transforming supply chains, uncovering value, and building/scaling organizations to achieve stellar results. It is Clint’s leadership during BP’s Deepwater Horizon Spill, however, that best exemplifies his management expertise. It was also this crisis that connected the unique talents of Mark Woeppel, Trip Bellard and Clint together to clean up the gulf coast. Clint’s and his team ensured the growth of supply chain capacities for BP by up to 10,000% in a matter of weeks — addressing worldwide shortages in critical resources. He also drove supply chain integrations to remediate capital assets, addressing 400 simultaneous capital development projects to mitigate risk and help resuscitate the company.

Even more recently, Clint led the supply chain digital transformation program for the most profitable company in the world. In the first year, Clint’s team more than doubled technology value contribution to nearly $200 million annual savings. For Clint, it is this same opportunity for value extraction that digitally driven disruption can bring the Commercial Real Estate industry.

Andy Bratt profile image
Andy Bratt / COO

Andy is a 25+ year veteran in the commercial real estate finance industry, primarily acting as an institutional debt and equity placement advisor. Andy has originated over $1 billion in debt and equity since Pace’s inception in 2001, helping Pace Financial Group to the top of the list of commercial real estate finance intermediaries in the Central Ohio market. He began his real estate career at Cline Realtors in Cincinnati, Ohio in 1994 as a market data analyst. From 1996-1998, he worked for Vista Capital, focusing on taxable bond placements in the Northwest Ohio and Southeast Michigan markets. Prior to becoming a co-founder of Pace in 2001, Andy handled debt and equity placements for Capstone Realty Advisors in the Columbus, Ohio office. Most recently, in addition to debt and equity placements, Andy has consulted with middle market private real estate investment portfolios, assisting with asset management, institutional reporting and acquisition due diligence. He graduated with a real estate/finance degree from the University of Cincinnati.

Emory “Trip” Bellard lll, CIO
Emory “Trip” Bellard III / CIO

As Chief Information Officer, Trip leverages his success working on complicated, large-scale development projects in high pressure and fast changing environments around the world. Trip brings over seventeen years of business and military leadership, as well as business development experience consulting for global companies with revenues ranging from $10M to $6.825B.

Trip worked alongside Clint Wood and Mark Woeppel for the first time when he led a highly specialized team to develop the process and custom technology to decontaminate and decommission over 15,000 vessels, the largest fleet in history. Working together, the trio’s expertise was critical in saving BP $1.4 billion, and bringing in the project eight months early.

With an MBA from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Trip’s ability to map complex business processes, optimize fit-for-purpose technical solutions, and facilitate efficient alignment around large scale change helps ensure that the CREOS Technology Ecosystem is able to rapidly model and then deliver investment strategies based on real world opportunities and risks.

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