Commercial Real Estate Optimization System (CREOS)


CREOS is centered around an enterprise digital solution designed by and for CRE  leaders looking to increase throughput and optimize their deal processes. We do not hand over our clients the typical “turn-key” system that traps them to one-size-fits all logic.  Instead, CREOS deploys a scalable, configurable solution shaped by client strategy and insights, providing clients with a sustainable competitive advantage. 

Take control of your deal-cycle with an intelligent user-centric solution that is shaped to your expertise and strategies; allowing you to make better investment decisions, increase capital efficiencies, and incorporate industry leading business practices. 


     Connect and prioritize multiple data sources


     Evaluate markets and prospects to identify the best opportunities


     Take command of your deal life-cycle with top-to-bottom control
      and end-to-end visibility



User-Centric Capabilities

User Experiences Shaped by your strategy, leveraging your expertise


CRE companies raise capital and build portfolios based on their unique strategies and experiences. CRE leaders need a highly customizable solution where they can apply their own logic.

Our solution enables you to establish and shape your unique CRE strategies and insights: criteria, weights, and formulas; directly into CREOS.  As a CREOS user, you can model your target markets, identify quality prospects and close deals faster all in one easy-to-use system.

CREOS Points of Interest

Leverage CREOS Points of Interest (POIs) for improved understanding of target markets and contribute additional POIs that matter to your business.

Location Analysis & Scoring

Identify the strengths of a location/property based on  proximity to POIs and importance to your tenants/customers. Score and Rank comparable properties or multiple sites using your common defined parameters.

Supply vs Demand Analysis

Assess the commercial viability of an existing asset or proposed development site, considering current/future supply and demand drivers. Adjust the viability ratings based on your segment and market expertise.

Market Scoring

Select and weight the market factors that matter the most to your strategy. Assign tiered scoring based on ranges of values for each of your factors.

Asset Scoring

Select and weight the asset characteristics and asset performance that determine your commercial interest. Combine with location scoring and supply vs demand analysis for enhanced diligence.

Efficiency Tools

Convert disparate checklists into repeatable, mini-project plans tailored to match your processes. Assign tasks to internal team members and external vendors.
2022: Investor Memorandum & Customizable PDF Report Generator

Investment Identification

Identify targets aligned to your strategies and/or committed funds. Combine hard asset filters with market & asset scoring to prioritize resources towards the best ones.

Acquisition Management

Leverage core CRM functionality and workflow automations to improve efficiency of qualification, due diligence, valuation negotiation and deal closure.
2022: Financial Modeling & Valuation Tools

Divestiture Management

Benchmark your asset portfolio versus comparable assets in their markets. Rank and prioritize divestiture targets. Leverage Core CRM functionality and workflow automations to sell direct or via broker.
2022: Deal Specific Buyer Matching

Built For Disrupters, by Disrupters

Founded on a Legacy of Disruption

CREOS was developed by digital transformation leaders who have delivered $billions in value with disruptive technology and CRE Professionals who have facilitated +$20B in CRE transactions.   We don’t follow trends, we create them!

Why We Do It?

To transform digital capabilities to accelerate throughput and optimize portfolio performance

How We Do It?

By amplifying client prospecting and deal management strategies into a highly configurable CRE optimization solution

What We Do?

Increase capital efficiencies and improve real-time decisions with top-to-bottom control and end-to-end deal visibility



Proprietary Client Journey


TRAJECTORY’s proprietary client journey is derived from unique insights into the most successful practices of leading disruptive enterprise technology providers. Our user-centric approach combines our client success organization structure with an immersive user engagement process.  The process addresses the highly iterative and collaborative nature of transformative technology, helping clients unlock and adopt the new ways of working through recurring incremental technology and business process changes.

Dramatically slash costs

Accelerate deal throughput

Make better decisions

Increase team performance

Top-to-bottom control

End-to-end visibility

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