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Travis Prince, Executive Managing Director

Student Housing Capital Markets

“CREOS allows us to manage a higher volume of buyers with less staff and ensures we are finding the buyer that’s going to deliver the highest price with the best terms

CREOS delivers in minutes, not weeks

Why is CRE research so cumbersome when millions depend on the accuracy and timeliness of data?

Too much data wrangling?
Data prepared, organized and ready in your ever expanding CREOS proprietary ecosystem.
Who has the knowledge?
Gain unprecedented market and deal intelligence exploiting CREOS cutting edge CRE analytics technology.
Does time kill deals?
CREOS streamlines processes informing your data-driven decisions in a fraction of the time.
Optimized in your market?
CREOS CRM for the deal lifecycle lets you drive new levels of team and asset performance.
How do you differentiate?
CREOS embodies your strategy delivering actionable insights to guide, time and position.

Stop Chasing Data & Close the Deal

Bypass those lengthy, costly, manual processes and risky spreadsheets.

Capabilities that put you in command

One knowledge platform, multiple segments

Student Housing
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CREOS goes beyond “distance to campus,” pushing boundaries in student housing.

  • College & University Markets
    • Score
    • Rank
    • Comprehend
    • Target
  • Fuse Up-to-Date Data
    • Economic
    • Student Population
    • University
    • Location / POI Analysis

CREOS evaluates deals and markets based on your strategy, no more same old stale insights.

  • Examine supply & demand arbitrage using your rules.
  • Analyze and rank more asset proximities, faster.
  • Access 800,000+ points of interest in over 900 US (CBSA) markets.

Coming Soon to Multifamily

One stop to evaluate and compare opportunities, better & faster.

  • Supply & Demand Drivers
  • Demographic Trends
  • POI Proximity
  • Local & Team Knowledge

Stop making the unknown a competitive threat

Investors & Lenders
Owners & Operators

CREOS gives investors the increased visibility and accountability they need.

  • Upgrade & simplify due diligence
  • Analyze broader and deeper
  • Data insights in a fraction of the time
  • Avoid error-prone spreadsheets

CREOS makes data work cohesively for you to focus on what matters, now.

  • Streamline the Deal Pipeline
  • Accelerate Throughput
  • Improve Leverage
  • Drive Asset Performance
  • Influence Stakeholders

CREOS delivers the sophisticated digital wisdom required for brokering transactions, placing debt and equity or advising.

  • Conceived by segment-leading brokers
  • Dramatically lowers cost
  • Deals move faster
  • Increases client interaction quality

  • Amplify Strategy & Align Tactics across Deal Lifecycle
  • Automate & Streamline Business Processes
  • Increase Control with End to-End Visibility

Student Quarters Selects Trajectory to Help Differentiate with Investors

CRETECH San Diego, CA, March 22, 2022 – Trajectory and Student Quarters (SQ) today announce a strategic relationship that will deliver increased returns and decreased risk for SQ’s investors.

Numbering almost nine million units, student housing beds account for 12% of the total number of US rental units, according to the National Multifamily Housing Council. And, according to CBRE, investments in student housing reached nearly $11 billion in 2019.

Trajectory’s enterprise SaaS technology accelerates and streamlines CRE (commercial real estate) research throughout the asset / deal lifecycle. The solution combines external and internal data with highly advanced analytics and business management capabilities. In addition, the Trajectory team is uniquely qualified to help organizations capture untapped value from digitalization.

“To maintain our rapid growth in this environment, we must further expand our reputation for delivering the right investment at the right time,” says Andrew Feinour, President and CEO of SQ. “Working with Trajectory, we’ll be able to provide unparalleled insights – confidently and quickly identifying the best opportunities in the market for our strategies.”

Clint Wood, Founder and President of Trajectory, adds, “Until now, forward-thinkers like Andy have lacked the technology to realize their vision. We look forward to helping the Student Quarters team continue to distinguish and scale its portfolio.”

About Trajectory

Trajectory provides enterprise SaaS and the expertise to digitalize commercial real estate (CRE) businesses. The solution makes research a competitive advantage for professionals who acquire, finance, lease or broker property. Trajectory radically alters the speed and quality of CRE investment decisions while slashing cost and enabling new levels of scalability.

About Student Quarters

Student Quarters, LLC was established in 2013 to acquire, reposition and manage student housing communities in the United States. Student Quarters is consistently ranked as one of the top 25 owners of student housing in the United States and continues to be one of the most active vertically-integrated operators in the industry. Student Quarters’ investment strategy focuses on value-add and core assets located within close proximity to universities with strong enrollment trends. The SQ team aims to drive investment returns through operational improvements, asset repositioning, disciplined acquisition underwriting, and hands-on property management.